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Aristide Tomasino naturalist guide sicily
Aristide Tomasino
Ethnobotanical, Naturalist guide sicily.

Nicknamed Aristocat, is the Founder of the various associations in which he operates from 14 years, he is a naturalist guide in all over Sicily.
He is a Young man very accurate, addicted to work, serious, a professional of Nature.
Ethnobotanical, passionate about mountain bike and road bike, he collaborates in the drawing up of plenty Naturalistic Sicilian Guidebooks .

Languages spoken: english

Barbara Pricoco guide etna
Biologist - Naturalist Guide Excursions in Sicily

Better known as Barba, is a BiologistNaturalist, has for years been playing a key role in the association, accompanying tourists, schools of all levels in all eastern Sicily.
Passionate about cycling, mountain biking, and theater, she is also an actress, she does it so well that all tourists would like to do a performance with her.

Languages spoken: english

Florinda Prete guide sicily
Naturalist Guide Excursions in Sicily

Called Flo by her friends, is a lawyer, has for years been supporting and standing us in doing tours : Etna – Taormina – Syracuse .
Extensive knowledge of the territory, it is no surprise that French and Swiss Tour Operator always choose her for their tours

Languages spoken: English – French

Naturalist Guide Excursions in Sicily

Monica: once you know her you can say she is loquacious guide; she always has something to say, about story and anecdotes, you will never  get bored.

Languages spoken. English – French

Naturalist Guide Excursions in Sicily

Luigi: He is fond of the Mountain, very skilled and dynamic guy; he can’t still for a minute, he is addicted to Etna Mountain.

Languages spoken: English

Naturalist Guide Excursions in Sicily

He is the genius of the group, histrionic young man, crazy, a whirlwind in motion, move up and down, he is able to do things that other guides do not, with a degree in Languages, supports us in the various tours in Eastern Sicily, we call him Tony Kukoc, the great basketball palyer, for its versatility.
Passionate about European languages and cultures, with his binoculars seems to be a sea-captain, LOL

Languages spoken: English – French – Spanish – Russian

Naturalist Guide Excursions in Sicily

Nadia: she is a dynamic girl, dedicated to her work, she is one of  our most skilled guides, the only problem: never  give her Alfa Romeo to drive (lol)

Languages spoken: English – French – Spanish

Naturalist Guide Excursions in Sicily

Ludo: He is quite a character, the good giant; the groups who know him, love him; versatile guy in any situation.

Spoken languages: English